Friday, November 20, 2009

Why You Aren't Successful

This weekend I went to a seminar that changed my life. I mean it really brought my thinking fully into the paradigm that I have been evolving into for some time now but in a visceral, kinesthetic way. There are things that you know and then there are things that you know. In the context of this forum, I believe that most of you know what it takes to be healthy, happy people but most of you don’t follow through on what you know. Instead, you sabotage your success through the same patterns of action that you have been sabotaging yourselves for years. So, what is this unseen yet powerful force that determines whether you are destined for success or destined to wallow in your pain for the rest of your lives?

One simple way of looking at this problem is to shorten the whole string of processes that have to take place into an equation: T>F>A=R . To clarify: your thoughts are the basis for your feelings which help shape the actions that you take which determine your results. For example, under this logic, when your thoughts are negative or self defeating ( you don’t think something is possible for ex) your feeling is that you are not empowered to do it so the actions that you take will support the fact that you don’t think its possible and can’t possibly do it. What do you think the results are going to be? Its pretty predictable. The result of inaction or lack of proper action to complete a task will render the thought correct. In other words, you will prove to yourself that you can’t do it.

While this may serve your sense of our perceived order in the world, it does nothing to move you toward what you desire. It only serves to keep you down. Nothing positive comes of this and you have actually wasted a great deal of time and energy working toward a desire that you made sure you never fulfilled. Likewise, when you have a problem that you are sure you can solve, your thoughts, feelings, and actions ensure that the result is the solution of the problem. So, the question now becomes, “ how do I go about changing the thoughts that I have in order to set myself up for success?”

The answer lies in the belief systems that make up the thoughts that you have about yourself, your experiences, and the world around you. In order to change your thoughts, you must first examine your beliefs and then edit out the beliefs that don’t serve you while adding in the beliefs that do serve you. The belief system is the most fundamental part of the process because it determines how you experience, think, and feel about the world. So an amended equation would be: B>T>F>A=R. Or, your beliefs shape your thoughts which shape your feelings which are the basis for your actions which determines your results.

In theory, this all seems very simple, but it is the practice that will actually change your life. This is key. So, my question to you is: “are you getting the results that you desire?” And if not, “What are you going to do about it now?”

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Secrets- Part Deaux

Last week I wrote about the solution to about 75% of the low back pain cases that come into my office and this week I am going to address the other, roughly, 25%. In this case, the low back muscles are extremely tight, the trunk may or may not reflect this and the person is either of dense musculature or a combination of muscular with a belly. This is a case of the back supporting not only the weight of the trunk but also the muscular “pull” of the trunk as it contracts (or is in constant contraction).

In a person with dense musculature, this can be a very powerful force that literally crushes the discs in place by compression from not only gravity but the muscular contraction. Since the spine is elegantly constructed and curved to minimize the effects of gravity, it is this muscular contraction that is the cause…at first inspection. However, there is often another culprit…shortened abdominal muscles.

So often we have been told (by our well meaning doctors no less) that the “cure” for low back pain is to simply strengthen the abdominal muscles and so, many have come to believe that shortened abs are a good thing. For one they give us the “six pack” look that the muscle mags all showcase as being the goal to shoot for. In reality though, comfort in the low back is all about tensional balance of the muscles of the trunk RELATIVE to one another (theres that word again…RELATIVE).

So the key here is to release the tension in the FRONT of the body in order to release the tension in the BACK of the body. That’s right, I said lengthen the abs to lengthen the low back. This is because, you see, the back is often a counter tension to the front of the body and in this case, because the abs are such a powerful contractor of the front they exert a special leverage on the back (think of the space between the lower front ribs and the pelvis as the open end of a lever while the spine is closer to the point of leverage.

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