Saturday, August 15, 2009

Careful What You Listen To. You Might Believe It. When your doctor tells you the following "you are just getting old, there is nothing we can do for you, I can perscribe ibuprofin but it is cheaper over the counter, and just take it easy, take a moment to consider what you really want before making this your reality.

What Is Good Nutrition Good Nutrition is giving the body what it wants and needs to be not just healthy but bursting with vital energy

When Should I See Manny? When you have exahusted all other options and are frustrated and still in pain or chronic injury, there are options that you may not have considered.

Food Has A Message Every food has a message for your body. Which message do you want to be sending?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

FAQ: When Should I Go To A Doctor?

One of the most common questions that people ask me is: "When should I see you and when should I see a doctor or a chiropractor? There are many shades to this question so I will address one of the most practical ones here. The skinny of it is: If you want to discover your true physical potential, come see me. For all other cases, well, watch the video.

Fix Sprained Ankles Permenently

Sprained ankles generally happen because of an imbalance in the muscles of the inner and outer lower leg. Here is a simple, daily exercise to change that balance and the flexibility, and strength of your ankles.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Interesting Observation Regarding Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by many things and often seems very difficult to get rid of. Here is an insight that I had recently after sitting for 10 days straight at a business conference.

Metabolism Booster

All foods have properties to them that affect our internal balance. That said, one simple way to look at foods is to separate them into two basic categories: Foods that increase the metabolism and foods that slow the metabolism. Here is one food that will increase the metabolism.

Improve Your Balance

Balance is a dynamic juggling act for the body made more difficult as we age. Inactivity, poor nutrition, and dehydration all account for the deterioration of balance over time. One of the best ways to regain your confidence in your body is to regain your functional balance.