Friday, November 20, 2009

Why You Aren't Successful

This weekend I went to a seminar that changed my life. I mean it really brought my thinking fully into the paradigm that I have been evolving into for some time now but in a visceral, kinesthetic way. There are things that you know and then there are things that you know. In the context of this forum, I believe that most of you know what it takes to be healthy, happy people but most of you don’t follow through on what you know. Instead, you sabotage your success through the same patterns of action that you have been sabotaging yourselves for years. So, what is this unseen yet powerful force that determines whether you are destined for success or destined to wallow in your pain for the rest of your lives?

One simple way of looking at this problem is to shorten the whole string of processes that have to take place into an equation: T>F>A=R . To clarify: your thoughts are the basis for your feelings which help shape the actions that you take which determine your results. For example, under this logic, when your thoughts are negative or self defeating ( you don’t think something is possible for ex) your feeling is that you are not empowered to do it so the actions that you take will support the fact that you don’t think its possible and can’t possibly do it. What do you think the results are going to be? Its pretty predictable. The result of inaction or lack of proper action to complete a task will render the thought correct. In other words, you will prove to yourself that you can’t do it.

While this may serve your sense of our perceived order in the world, it does nothing to move you toward what you desire. It only serves to keep you down. Nothing positive comes of this and you have actually wasted a great deal of time and energy working toward a desire that you made sure you never fulfilled. Likewise, when you have a problem that you are sure you can solve, your thoughts, feelings, and actions ensure that the result is the solution of the problem. So, the question now becomes, “ how do I go about changing the thoughts that I have in order to set myself up for success?”

The answer lies in the belief systems that make up the thoughts that you have about yourself, your experiences, and the world around you. In order to change your thoughts, you must first examine your beliefs and then edit out the beliefs that don’t serve you while adding in the beliefs that do serve you. The belief system is the most fundamental part of the process because it determines how you experience, think, and feel about the world. So an amended equation would be: B>T>F>A=R. Or, your beliefs shape your thoughts which shape your feelings which are the basis for your actions which determines your results.

In theory, this all seems very simple, but it is the practice that will actually change your life. This is key. So, my question to you is: “are you getting the results that you desire?” And if not, “What are you going to do about it now?”

As always, your comments make my post complete so I encourage you to share your thoughts on this lesson.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Secrets- Part Deaux

Last week I wrote about the solution to about 75% of the low back pain cases that come into my office and this week I am going to address the other, roughly, 25%. In this case, the low back muscles are extremely tight, the trunk may or may not reflect this and the person is either of dense musculature or a combination of muscular with a belly. This is a case of the back supporting not only the weight of the trunk but also the muscular “pull” of the trunk as it contracts (or is in constant contraction).

In a person with dense musculature, this can be a very powerful force that literally crushes the discs in place by compression from not only gravity but the muscular contraction. Since the spine is elegantly constructed and curved to minimize the effects of gravity, it is this muscular contraction that is the cause…at first inspection. However, there is often another culprit…shortened abdominal muscles.

So often we have been told (by our well meaning doctors no less) that the “cure” for low back pain is to simply strengthen the abdominal muscles and so, many have come to believe that shortened abs are a good thing. For one they give us the “six pack” look that the muscle mags all showcase as being the goal to shoot for. In reality though, comfort in the low back is all about tensional balance of the muscles of the trunk RELATIVE to one another (theres that word again…RELATIVE).

So the key here is to release the tension in the FRONT of the body in order to release the tension in the BACK of the body. That’s right, I said lengthen the abs to lengthen the low back. This is because, you see, the back is often a counter tension to the front of the body and in this case, because the abs are such a powerful contractor of the front they exert a special leverage on the back (think of the space between the lower front ribs and the pelvis as the open end of a lever while the spine is closer to the point of leverage.

As always I encourage your participation in the conversation with comments, experiences, questions, etc.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Secret Even Doctors Don't Know

So I was with a client today who came in complaining about her lower back pain… yes, there was yet ANOTHER person in my office with the same issue that I see over and over. This seems to be a recurring theme in my office lately and designed by a higher power to MAKE ME absolutely incorporate something that I’ve been selectively adding to my practice when needed.

As I see it, low back pain generally (but not always) falls into one of two categories: hypermobile and weak lower back (disc problems, sciatica, constant pain, etc), and low backs that are so tight that they are literally crushing the discs (pain, etc). Either way, the remedy is pretty straight forward (hmmm, you wouldn’t have thought this with all of the meds and surgeries going on out there) but requires a particular mindset to view the problem through.

The problem, you see, is that the spine needs to be viewed as a system of integral parts all working together in concert to produce the desired movement that a person is demanding of it. That means that each vertebra needs to move to accommodate ANY movement of the spine. That’s right, every part is a player on the team. The problem arises when some of the parts (or players as it were) of the spine stop moving as much as needed by the other parts.

Either way, the person is going to attempt the movement that he or she desires and so, over time, some parts of the spine begin to move less and to accommodate, some others begin to move more. In the more common case that I see (75% of the time) the lower back is weak from sitting too much (car, desk, home, etc.) and the lumbar curve has actually decreased…getting stretched out from all of the sitting.

In this case generally the upper back is fairly tight and does not move well. The remedy is twofold… loosen up the upper back, and tighten up the lower back muscles. This remedy brings back more of a UNIFORM tension along the spine and relatively, the movement of the vertebrae are more equal than before. As this progresses, the pain subsides, the discs go back into place, chronic muscular inflammation drops, and the client feels better.

What I have found is that this method works almost 100% of the time with only slight variations needed to accommodate varying degrees of pain sensitivity and inflammation.
The other 25% of the time is another story which I will tell you about later…

What has your experience been with back pain and what remedies have you found to be successful in relieving your pain? Please help me complete this post by posting your comments below.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What do YOU want?

A week ago I was in the beautiful Maui sunshine with my fellow mastermind participants. To say that the trip was transformational to both my life as well as my business would be to vastly understate both the transformation as well as the experience. 4 months after we came together in a Las Vegas hotel, this group has proved to be made up of the perfect, complimentary group of participants, with depth of character, love for one another, as well as some very special and valuable skills…yes you’ll likely see some of them here at some point in the next few months.

The intent of a mastermind group is to use the group to laser focus in on one person’s (business, life, goals, etc.) and come up with creative ways for improvement for that person. The idea is that the collective mind is more powerful than the sum of its individual minds and that the wisdom that comes out of the collective mind (or “master mind” as Napoleon Hill called it) is what allows people to see the path to greater success. In this case, we focused in on each person’s business (this is a business master mind) as well as identifying each persons blocks to success. Luckily enough, we had 11 coaches in the room so we resolved those blocks pretty quickly.

The moral of the story is that people at the highest levels of success have coaches and groups who help them see the holes in their best laid plans, help them surmount the obstacles that hold them back, and see the opportunities that they had been blind to. But most of all, these mentors and assistants help us appreciate the brilliance that is ourselves.

So right about now you are likely asking, “so what Manny?”. What the heck does this have to do with me and greater vitality, health, bla-de bla-de blah… And the answer of course is that while solo work with a mentor can be powerful, work with a group (in any area) can be transformative in a multiplied way. So I encourage you to reach out, find your soul purpose, and get with people who are like minded and want to help each other out. You can start by commenting on my blog what your true soul purpose is and what you are looking for NEXT so I can best serve you.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Raw Truth

And now from one of my good friends and a geyser of fabulous and arcane food and nutritional knowledge...

The Health Benefits of Raw Dairy

By Erica Stelcik

Raw dairy… it’s not as gross as you think it is!

Last time you bought a container of milk or butter, you probablydidn’t think twice that your container had the word “pasteurized” written on it. Have you ever thought about what that means exactly, and how it can affect your health? Milk in its most natural form is raw (unpasteurized), full-fat, and non-homogenized (i.e., the cream rises to the top). Until you taste the real stuff, you have no idea what you are missing out! Raw dairy from approved dairy farms is extremely safe to consume because the farmer follows even stricter safety guidelines than a conventional dairy farm. Pasteurization kills both the bad and the good in conventional dairy. Here are some reasons why raw dairy is one of the best Real Foods you can eat:

* All raw foods, including raw dairy, contain enzymes that are constantly breaking down that food. Enzymes are killed with heat processing. If you cut a raw apple in half and leave it out for a day, what happens to it? It starts to turn brown because the enzymes in the apple are actively breaking it down. Raw dairy works the same way – it contains enzymes that help break down its components. Raw dairy is the richest source of lipase, an enzyme required to break down fats. A fat metabolism problem (being overweight or underweight) or a fat-soluble vitamin (A, D, E, and K) deficiency problem can mean a lipase deficiency in the body.

* Pasteurization has been linked to asthma, immune system diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, and more. The tremendous biodiversity of good bacteria in raw dairy helps to repopulate the good bacteria we need in our gut, which is essential for maintaining a great immune system and our health.

* People who are unable to eat pasteurized dairy due to lactose intolerance can usually eat raw dairy without a problem. Lactase, the enzyme needed to break down lactose the milk sugar, is abundant in raw dairy.

* Raw dairy also has vitamin B6, which is easily destroyed by heat. Vitamin B6 is usually the most difficult B vitamin to obtain through eating. It is absolutely essential for carbohydrate metabolism.

For more information on raw dairy, please visit or Both websites discuss in great detail the benefits of raw dairy from grassfed, happy cows not dosed in antibiotics or growth hormones.

Erica is studying for her MS degree in Holistic Nutrition and is also a proud member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She supports eating nutrient-dense foods made the traditional way, and absolutely adores raw cream on top of blueberries! She occasionally writes on her blog at

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Barefoot Ken

Just yesterday, I read an amazing article about a man named Ken Bob (otherwise known as "Barefoot Ken") who is a well known evangelist of the art of barefoot running. And when I say barefoot running, I mean barefoot. Not with any of the "barefoot shoes" on the market like the vibram five finger, etc. And so, many of you are thinking at this point, "what the heck does this have to do with me?"

Well, I'll tell you. Barefoot Ken is such an evangelist about running completely barefoot because of his experience running his first (and last) marathon in shoes. Needless to say, the ruined toenails, and blisters on the sides and soles of his feet convinced him that shoes are really not good for the feet. And what he inadvertently discovered in his transition to running barefoot is that the human body is an amazingly elegant structure, designed over millennia to move us across the earth in an efficient and pain free manner.

See, what Ken discovered is that the foot, when unshod, actually is quite an elegant machine. Let me explain, each foot has 28 bones in it which create three different arches to allow the foot to expand and to provide potential energy to help in the upward motion of the leg as it leaves the ground for the next stride. Not only that, but the feedback from the ground helps us to adjust our stepping form so that we come into contact with the ground in the most elegant way (setting the outer front foot down first and then gently placing the rest of the foot on the ground) avoiding injury and expending the least amount of energy.

Using this form eliminates pain in the knee hip, and lower spine as the shock of heel striking common with shoe wearing runners, and steppers, is non existent due to the barefoot form. And this brings us to a very relevant question...Are shoes actually damaging our bodies in a way that goes beyond the foot itself? On the surface this seems ludicrous. Shoes protect the feet and help us to go places that we would otherwise not be able to go and do things that we would otherwise not be able to do. And thats just it. Shoes cause us to do things that are unnatural for our bodies, and because of this, we end up moving in ways that actually hurt us.

For example, the typical shod runner lands heel first whilst for the unshod runner, this would be very painful. While the shock of the heel strike in the shod runner may not be felt strongly in the foot itself, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that since that shock bypassed the shock absorbers provided by the three arches of the foot, the shock is now travelling directly up the leg into the next joint, and the next, and the next, etc. Over time this additional and unnatural shock wears the joints, the lumbar discs, etc. Yes, shoes do cause us to do damage to ourselves because they dull our sense of how we are touching the ground with our feet.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Learn How To Move And Free Yourself From Injury

One of the critical pillars of physical wellness is proper movement. And by that I mean that you move and use your body in a way that supports the strength inherent to an aligned and balanced body structure. Back and body pain, for example, are usually caused by unconscious movement patterns. Often the most obvious and last “cause” happens the moment of injury. The patterns of ones habitual movement over years or over a lifetime create strong and weak points in the body and after which the injury is just waiting to happen.
This is really, really powerful because what I am saying here is that we are basically all unaware to some extent of how we are moving and using our bodies and many times, most of the time, this is directly affecting how we feel as well as affecting our body structure itself.
You know you’ve heard the saying “form equals function” right? Well, in the human body there is some truth to that saying because form does dictate function. But form is also dictated by function. This is a reciprocal relationship with a feedback loop. The body will accommodate to the way you are using it. And, over time, it will change its structure to better accommodate patterns of use (and stop accomodating patterns of non use). This is why when you try to do something at a level that you once did it as a youth, you are not able to and often get injured. Its not that your body isn’t capable, it is that the body has changed from the new patterns that you have put into it since you were a youth! So your body is no longer set up neurologically or muscularly, for this type now foreign movement and the thing that you were trying to do as a weekend warrior and got injured doing, simply applied stress to an already weakened spot.

Many, many times clients will come to me with say, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome- the burning, penetrating concentrated pain in their wrists, heels of their hands, fore arms, etc. They are swollen up, all inflamed, and because of this they have become weak and unable to perform even the most basic tasks with their hands and arms because of the swelling and the pain. Another, more subtle, version of this is the folks who have started to have tingling sensations in their hands (or sciatica and tingling in the feet for that matter).

What has happened is that for years (usually) these people have typed away at a computer or some repetitive task, moving their fingers rapidly, while holding the rest of their body in place without movement. This creates a movement pattern in the body and after awhile it becomes unconscious- that is they do it without thinking, without being aware. This pattern of use leads them to the problem (carpal tunnel, sciatica, back pain, ankle sprains, etc.) Yet when they arrive at the pain, they are unaware that their whole structure has changed over the years to accommodate the specialized non integrated movement of typing ( or whatever movement). So, in essence, the movement pattern is now reinforcing the problem, because, you see, even when they are not typing, their holding pattern persists, the forward rolled shoulders, the collapsed support in the lumbar spine, etc.
This pattern is actually causing their symptoms to become worse and the conventional treatment is treating only the symptom but ignores the root cause which is the unconscious movement and holding pattern! (in carpal tunnel this involves wrist surgery, sciatica may use disc surgery, etc.) So the moral of the story is to become aware of your movement and how it is directly affecting your body. Become aware of your own holding patterns. And the way to do this is to train yourself to really feel in your body…to really feel the holding patterns and the movement patterns. There are many ways to do this. You can meditate and then move, or study something like yoga or tai chi or Alexander technique, or film your self and analyze the movement, but the best way is to hire a teacher to help you discover and develop, in bite sized chunks, the skill of body awareness, of kinesthetic awareness. This is critical to really gaining full control and mastering your body and physical health

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time Is Running Out

Time Is Running Out! Get Your Answers In To Win $100 Before Tomorrows 5pm Deadline!

The response has been fabulous but believe it or not there is still one prize to be claimed. Those of you who haven't gotten around to deciphering the mystery location are leaving prize money on the table...SO, here is the link again. My goal is to give away ALL of the prize money so I don't have to find a place in my already cluttered attic to store it =)

As my friend Sukie Baxter says, find the whys behind the whats. Earlier this week, I asked you to explore about what deep seated feelings are holding you back as the possible underlayment of your physical manifestation of pain or weight issues. These are feelings that are rooted in a lifetime of behavoir patterns and the inevitable reinforcement cycle that follows the behavoir.

Whether the feelings are rooted in patterns from childhood, trauma, or later in life, they will cause us to literally sabatoge our own success until they are acknowledged, addressed, and put behind us. This brings up the point that emotional patterns have a very tangible link to the condition of the physical body and are often best accessed through the physical body.

What this means is that, in some way, these feelings are actually stored in the tissues of your body and can therefore have the potential to be accessed and released by releasing the patterns of movement and strain in the physical body. This is not an immediate, cathartic type of release, rather what I am suggesting is that a gradual, sustained, momentum of change is the fastest and most effective way to undertake this type of transformation.

That said, I have a couple of spots opening up in my schedule in the next week. If this resonates with you, apply for a complimentary strategy session that is designed to move you toward identifying and resolving the blocks that are holding you back.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Win $100!

Alrighty then! For the first 3 people who decipher this mystery greeting location no later than 5pm on sept 25th, 2009 (and contact me with the correct answer), I will award a credit (gift certificate, prize, whatever you want to call it) of no less than (and no more than..for that matter) 100 smackeroos (dollar value, bucks, doucats, dolores, etc..) to be used to purchase any of my service packages (must be used no later than 9/29/09)...OK. Now its time to bring it on. Good luck! OH, and by the way, you can reach me at, on facebook (, my fan page:, there it is. Go have fun with it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Performance Enhancing Technology

You want to run faster, jump higher, find greater agility and you are already training hard. You've done it all, expert trainers, proper nutrition, the best equipment, what more can you do. A lot. You've tried all of the conventional, well known, methods. Now its time to get "unconventional". Form equals function right? Well, since that is the case, lets get started on changing the form. Essentially, by aligning the body segments in relation to one another, releasing the muscular adhesions that make us less efficient, and getting the segments to work together as a unit rather than as a collection of discrete collection of parts (other wise known as integrating the function of the parts of the body), one becomes more efficient, more flexible, less prone to injury, able to heal more quickly, and best of all, faster.

Think about it. If you had an old Italian sports car, it was fun to drive, noisy, spunky and all but when tuned, the car runs more smoothly with less drama. That about captures the essence of it. Change the pliability, resilience, and improve the efficiency of an integrated living system and you have yourself a brand new superperforming body.

Made For Running

I've been learning to run lately and came across this article on the evolutionary components in our bodies that link humans with other species known to run over long distances. Now there are no excuses for further delay, we were made to run.

*NEWSFLASH* Stress is bad for your health

No, really, and this is why. Everyday stressors cause us to constantly secrete stress hormones which are really meant for acute events like a car crash, a lion chasing us down, getting mugged, etc... The release of these hormones suppresses our higher functions and over time the chronic release of these hormones can wreak havoc on our systems like digestion (any one got an ulcer), reproduction (corporate ladies having trouble getting pregnant), liver function (cholesterol), immune function (autoimmune diseases, allergies, cancer, etc, etc, etc). When in fight or flight mode these functions are not necessary. When we live our lives in fight or flight mode there are dramatic tradeoffs. To hear more about this phenomenon have a look at Robert Sapalskys' website.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Julie and Julia

A week ago friday I was lucky enough to be able to catch a movie alone with my wife. We had just dropped off my son and daughter in Glendale (with their aunties) and decided to go to the Americana (its fab alright) to catch a bite and a movie so we would miss the traffic. Luckily enough, we were both on the same wavelength (rare when it comes to movies..) and decided to see Julie and Julia, a movie about the life of famous chef Julia Childs going through the self discovery of learning the art of french cooking while living in Paris..

What struck both of us about this movie was the enthusiasm and joy of living that this woman expressed. She really epitomized the passion that those of us feel when we are "living the dream" so to speak. And THAT got both of us thinking. How could WE harness her inspirational enthusiasm in our own lives? How could we live the dream more than we already are? And this is a question so fundamental that I am posing it directly to you, fair readers..

For those of you who are already living your dream and creating your future, destiny, legacy, joy, enthusiasm, etc., How could you be doing that more effectively? How could you be actively growing your passion while smack in the middle of it? And for those of you who are longing to live your dreams but have not made the commitment to yourself yet. I highly encourage you to see this movie for an example of someone who is literally ON FIRE with her passion. Obstacles are trivial in this scenario. They are there to be surmounted, to learn and grow from, but never to dampen our enthusiasm. Rather their presence only makes us more deeply resolved than ever to continue unleashing our dreams on the world..

So, you may ask, how is this related to my health and wellness? And my answer is to note that despite a lifetime of cooking rich, gourmet, french meals, slathered in butter and cream (things that we try to avoid these days...another topic for later..but I digress..) Julia Childs lived into her nineties! Happiness is clearly a powerful force affecting our overall health and we would do well to work on that part first. I, say, follow your passion, follow your dream, until you live your dream. Never stop spreading the abundance of your dream and you shall live a long, healthy, prosperous life.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weatherize Your Body

Last Monday (Labor Day) I spent a beautiful day at the beach with my family. Paolo ran from the waves, Allie played in the sand, and Mom and Dad took turns taking them to the tide pools, on walks and to the nearby natural sea "bathtub". The day was warm and there was a nice cool breeze at the beach as usual. That is until around 5:30 pm when I noticed the slight chill in the air that signals the end of the hot summer weather and the onset of the seasonal change from summer to autumn.

That little chill also reminded me that it is time to start carrying around a sweater again, to close the windows at night, to make sure that I don't stress my body too much and that I get the proper nutrition as well. Because the seasons are changing AND this is the time to (if you haven't already begun) weatherize your body for winter. See, this is critical, because, more people tend to get sick when the weather is in transition than when the weather is simply cold. The transitional weather (hot/cold/hot/cold/etc..) stresses our immune system allowing the pathogens a clear pathway into our bodies.

So, my advice to you, unless you are looking forward to sick days as a means to watch TV instead of going to work, is to make the transition in your mind. Realize and plan for this transitional weather, suprise cold, rain, wind, etc. and start transitioning your diet to heartier foods as well. This will keep you well and able to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of autumn more fully.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Careful What You Listen To. You Might Believe It. When your doctor tells you the following "you are just getting old, there is nothing we can do for you, I can perscribe ibuprofin but it is cheaper over the counter, and just take it easy, take a moment to consider what you really want before making this your reality.

What Is Good Nutrition Good Nutrition is giving the body what it wants and needs to be not just healthy but bursting with vital energy

When Should I See Manny? When you have exahusted all other options and are frustrated and still in pain or chronic injury, there are options that you may not have considered.

Food Has A Message Every food has a message for your body. Which message do you want to be sending?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

FAQ: When Should I Go To A Doctor?

One of the most common questions that people ask me is: "When should I see you and when should I see a doctor or a chiropractor? There are many shades to this question so I will address one of the most practical ones here. The skinny of it is: If you want to discover your true physical potential, come see me. For all other cases, well, watch the video.

Fix Sprained Ankles Permenently

Sprained ankles generally happen because of an imbalance in the muscles of the inner and outer lower leg. Here is a simple, daily exercise to change that balance and the flexibility, and strength of your ankles.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Interesting Observation Regarding Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by many things and often seems very difficult to get rid of. Here is an insight that I had recently after sitting for 10 days straight at a business conference.

Metabolism Booster

All foods have properties to them that affect our internal balance. That said, one simple way to look at foods is to separate them into two basic categories: Foods that increase the metabolism and foods that slow the metabolism. Here is one food that will increase the metabolism.

Improve Your Balance

Balance is a dynamic juggling act for the body made more difficult as we age. Inactivity, poor nutrition, and dehydration all account for the deterioration of balance over time. One of the best ways to regain your confidence in your body is to regain your functional balance.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello From Ice Box Canyon!

After being indoors for 10 days, I needed to get outside and blow the carbon deposits out...Here is the view from the top of the canyon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

You NEED To Be Eating Organic

The no- hype explanation for why eating organic really makes sense and makes the produce worth the extra cost. Click HERE for more weekly tips like this

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Sit at a desk for a living? Sitting in meetings all day? Sitting in the car as you commute? Sitting at the computer? Sitting? Sitting? Sitting?....You get the picture. A lot of sitting (over time) tends to really mess up your back. Here is a simple, relaxing way to relieve your lower back pain immediately. Plus, you get to relax... If you like this video and you want to get tips like this every week click HERE

Get More Energy And Boost Your Metabolism With Sleep

OK. I've always been one to enjoy my sleep. People have always told me how young I look (for my age). I have always had a fairly robust metabolism (even when it was sluggish for me). Put it all together...Sleep is not for the weak. Really, its the other way around. So here's why... Click HERE to get tips like this on a weekly basis

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Burn Fat While You Sleep

Fat Burning Expert Jack Kenifick of Balanced Life Fitness talks about one really simple way to boost your metabolism so that you are burning fat while you sleep. does NOT include dieting...For more info go HERE

Friday, July 10, 2009

How To Get More Energy

Although there are many, many reasons why one is lacking in energy, one of the first things to address is the swings in ones energy throughout the day. Usually there are times when we are tired or sluggish (generally mid morning and mid to late afternoon). Here are a couple of tips that you can use to minimize your energy swings throughout the day. If you like this video but are feeling stuck this is a great resource.