Sunday, October 25, 2009

What do YOU want?

A week ago I was in the beautiful Maui sunshine with my fellow mastermind participants. To say that the trip was transformational to both my life as well as my business would be to vastly understate both the transformation as well as the experience. 4 months after we came together in a Las Vegas hotel, this group has proved to be made up of the perfect, complimentary group of participants, with depth of character, love for one another, as well as some very special and valuable skills…yes you’ll likely see some of them here at some point in the next few months.

The intent of a mastermind group is to use the group to laser focus in on one person’s (business, life, goals, etc.) and come up with creative ways for improvement for that person. The idea is that the collective mind is more powerful than the sum of its individual minds and that the wisdom that comes out of the collective mind (or “master mind” as Napoleon Hill called it) is what allows people to see the path to greater success. In this case, we focused in on each person’s business (this is a business master mind) as well as identifying each persons blocks to success. Luckily enough, we had 11 coaches in the room so we resolved those blocks pretty quickly.

The moral of the story is that people at the highest levels of success have coaches and groups who help them see the holes in their best laid plans, help them surmount the obstacles that hold them back, and see the opportunities that they had been blind to. But most of all, these mentors and assistants help us appreciate the brilliance that is ourselves.

So right about now you are likely asking, “so what Manny?”. What the heck does this have to do with me and greater vitality, health, bla-de bla-de blah… And the answer of course is that while solo work with a mentor can be powerful, work with a group (in any area) can be transformative in a multiplied way. So I encourage you to reach out, find your soul purpose, and get with people who are like minded and want to help each other out. You can start by commenting on my blog what your true soul purpose is and what you are looking for NEXT so I can best serve you.

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