Friday, January 15, 2010

Are You Ready?

I get all kinds of interesting questions about my practice and so recently I have had an epiphany that you may have the very same questions that I get in person.

The question of the day is “ Look Manny, I’ve been to all of the different therapists. I’ve been to the doctor, I’ve been to the physical therapist, I’ve been to the chiropractor, I’ve been to the osteopath, the orthopedist, perhaps some “alternative” practitioners. I’m just not getting the help that I need and I’m still in pain. What makes you think that you can help me? "

And that’s a fabulous question. And here’s my answer. And that is..maybe I can and maybe I can’t help you. There is no “magic bullet” for what is causing you pain. So, for complicated cases you may have to keep looking, you may have to keep searching.. until you find whats right for you. And that’s part of the process.

Now, that said, many, many of these different methods that you may have tried, are looking, primarily, at symptom relief. So they are not looking at the root cause of what’s going on in your body.

When you are ready to look at the root cause of what’s going on in your body and you address it, you’re going to get a pretty dramatically different result then you are when you’re addressing merely the symptom. This is not a process for wimps and complainers, talkers and half hearted attempts. This is a process for people who are completely fed up with their current situation and are COMMITTED to taking consistent actions toward their desire to not be in pain.

And thats what I do. I partner with you to address the root cause of the problem, and help you resolve the issue. And thats really what its all about isnt it?

So, if you are ready to get out of constant pain, you really have to make a choice to either move forward and get out of pain or to stay where you are at. If you are ready to get out of pain, pick up the phone and call me. (949) 375-7278.



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