Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is There A Secret To Waking Up Pain Free?

In a nutshell yes and yes. Many of you are familiar with my mantra of eliminating physical pain in your life by changing your priorities, building your awareness skills, and changing your movement patterns. The challenge is that these actions are all based in building a skill set over a period of time. Many clients ask me if there is anything they can do “in the meantime” to help them get out of pain right away. Here is my answer:

Building of the kinesthetic awareness, or the ability to parse out the information that our body interprets as pain or discomfort into useful, more granular information, is THE ABSOLUTE KEY to long term pain free living. There is no better way to do this and no more powerful way to make a pain free existence a reality. NONE.

That said, chronic pain has several factors, one of which is the internal chemistry of the body. The internal chemistry of your body can be changed fairly easily by changing what you put into your body. Just like the gasoline in your car engine, you can change the performance of your body by changing the “fuel” that you put in.

Yes, I am talking about diet here. But I am not talking about diet to the extreme like so many of the fanatics out there (Yes, Raw Foodists I am talking about YOU). And while generally, I am supportive of a whole food, sugar free (and sugar substitute free), diet centered around animal protein, vegetables (some raw), and fibrous complex carbohydrates (whole grains, sweet potato, etc.) for the best results, there are some very powerful items that you can add to your current diet to get quick results.

I want to focus today on two fairly straightforward additions that you can easily and painlessly add to your daily routine. The first is the juice of a lemon. “Yeech!” You say but wait a minute and let me tell you why lemon juice is so great for you. Given that most of us have a less than perfect diet these days and we are eating processed foods (at least some processed foods), sugar, and not moving our bodies like they were designed, we all are living, to some degree, with an acidic internal environment.

You experience the challenge of this diet in many ways but one of them is in chronic soreness, stiffness, and pain (not to mention compromised immune function, etc.) Enter the Lemon. Lemon juice, is highly acidic (and therefore great for your digestion by augmenting your stomach acid and enzymes) but helps bring the internal environment toward the alkaline when metabolized. That is, lemon juice changes when it enters the bloodstream from an acidizer to an alkalizer.

Improved alkalinity is known to not only boost the immune response, but also to reduce inflammation. My morning ritual is to juice one lemon and dilute the juice to 16 ounces with fresh, clean spring water. This is a great morning flush and with regular use you will find your morning soreness, stiffness, and pain diminished significantly.

Now, if the thought of drinking diluted Lemon juice in the morning sounds extreme to you or just plain gross, I have another solution: Alfalfa

The primary properties of alfalfa are generally considered to be anti-inflammatory, diuretic, nutritive, phytoestrogenic, and tonic. The parts of the plant typically used are flowers, leaves, and sprouts. Alfalfa has been used by the Chinese since the sixth century to treat several health conditions.

While there are many ways to eat alfalfa, the most effective means for our discussion here is to take an extract of the plant. Go HERE for more information on how this works.

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