Friday, February 19, 2010

OOPS- I Goofed! I Mis Read The Survey Results...

Spring is just about upon us with several days this week in the 70s, kids in the local swimming pool, and lots of outside time for the family. Looks like this weekend is one of the final rain storms of the season (premature statement perhaps?!) and soon enough soccer and swim seasons will start again.

A big thanks to all who took the time to answer the survey. Your feedback will shape how I serve you this year and I want to serve you best. As always, some of the results were expected and there were some surprises as well. Lets get into the results so you can see how the respondents answered.

Keep in mind that the first category, the top three were very close to one another but the number one area that you choose for improvement was "optimal wellness" Numbers two and three are "Nutritional Improvement" and "Weight Loss". Numbers 4-5 are as follows: Pain Relief/Peak Mental Performance

( tied for #4) and “Improved Athletic Performance at number 5 Look for more focus and resources in these areas upcoming.

The biggest surprises, though, turned up in the response to the next question.

Not Living Up To Your Fullest Potential came in at number 1. At number 2 is Stiffness and Soreness. #3 is no surprise..Digestive Issues (food allergies). Tied for number 4 is Exhaustion and Pain Relief. And Depression came dead last. Frankly, I was surprised at number 1 being the the biggest challenge facing you folks right now and I’d love to hear your comments that answer or any in the survey!

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