Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simple Solutions For Indigestion, Heartburn, Reflux, etc.

Last week I explained the logic behind the use of acid/enzymes in addressing chronic indigestion, gas, bloating, and heartburn and how the various pharmaceutical remedies often make the situation worse over time. This week, I am going to give you a few actionable self test methods to better help you pinpoint the root causes of the digestive issue(s) that you may be experiencing.

First off, I will be separating the test methods into those for folks who are currently NOT taking any prescription medication for the problem and then, for those who are. It is an important distinction to make because, generally, prescription meds have many more actions on the body than simply the intended action and so, keeping that in mind, we approach the system a bit more circumspectly than for those who are not taking meds.

With that in mind, bloating and gas are almost always the result of an over alkaline (non acidic) gastro intestinal tract and are generally resolved immediately with the addition of hydrochloric acid (stomach acid). But we must first make sure that the stomach lining has not been damaged by the chronic organic acidic conditions brought on by putrefaction of undigested food from lack of stomach acid excretions. That is we do a test called The HCL (hydrochloric acid) Sensitivity Test to essentially test for the presence of ulcers. Click HERE to get a copy of the test protocol.

If the HCL test results in any burning sensation- do NOT use a HCL supplement. You will cause further damage at this point. Use instead, a full spectrum food derived digestive enzyme with the meal. The protocol for healing the stomach lining of ulcers requires an empty stomach and a simple complex of both absorbent as well as healing phytonutrients (contact me if this applies to you for complete details).

If the HCL test results in no burning sensation then supplement with a food derived HCL and pepsin (protein digesting enzyme active in highly acidic environments that your stomach should be excreting) and pancreatin (pancreatic enzymes).

Now for those who are already on pharma drugs, start with a full spectrum whole food derived digestive enzyme (with the meal) for best results. Note if your digestion improves with the use of the enzyme. If so, then continue to use the enzyme and talk with your doctor about slowly weaning you off of the drug. If you have been on meds for a while do not go off of them cold turkey as there is some dependence developed over time. (contact me for more details on when adding acid supplementation is appropriate).

The rare case of true hyper acidosis (too much stomach acid) is often mis diagnosed and treated with drugs while the cause is generally, in fact, structural. It is always good to check whether the structural component is causing the situation because, drugs and other treatments will only provide temporary relief of the symptoms while failing to address the root cause. Thus, if you are medicated over a long period you will induce nutrient deficiencies as I described in the previous article.
Stay tuned for next week where I will reveal the often missed structural cause for having too much stomach acid AND a simple test that you can do to check if your acid challenge is structural in origin.

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