Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To Change Your DNA And Your Fate

Last week I wrote about the two major life patterns that I see in my practice in people with joint degeneration and how to prolong the life in your joints and improve the overall health of your body by eating foods that nourish your joints and by and realigning and repatterning your body structure with Structural Integration. This week, I am going to give you a few more specifics on the hows’ and whys’ of this strategy.

To reiterate, the number one pattern that I see in people who come into my practice associated with joint degeneration is misalignment of the body segments themselves. So, how then do the body segments become misaligned in the first place? In other words, what is the cause or origin of this misalignment and how can you then more properly align the body segments relative to one another? This is a question that I get asked all the time and it is one that requires a bit of a bigger picture view of how your bodiy respond s to the various life events that you experience.

You see, some of the deepest structural patterns are formed while in the womb- the position of the developing baby, the shape and confines of the mothers body, the patterns that she uses her body in during pregnancy, her posture, any trauma that may have occured, etc.. These all have an effect on the the structural patterns present in a newborn baby. Add to that a lifetime of patterns of use, various accidents, trauma, and the effects of gravitys’ downward pull on the body. In an attempt to fulfill the functional demands that you put on your body, your body develops structural compensations to make up for the functional challenges.

In the end you have a relatively inefficient, relatively uncomfortable human body, out of alignment, and at war with gravity. This is not the optimal situation, however, it IS a typical situation. No wonder, then that the joints wear quickly and unevenly. Luckily though, by reorganizing and realigning the body segments relative to one another, you can actually use gravity to our advantage. The result is a body that moves more efficiently, has more energy, joints wear evenly and last longer, sleep improves, amongst many other benefits. In short you look and feel about 10 years younger.

So, “what about genetics?” you may ask. Its a great question and one that needs to be addressed. Because for the last 30 or so years the idea that our “genetic fate” is predetermined and set in stone has been beaten into our head by the very scientists who now talk about epigenetics or the plasticity of the very DNA code itself. (DNA Is Not Destiny) The idea here is that the human form has greater plasticity and therefore greater potential than we once thought. Your DNA changes depending on what you eat, feel, think, and experience. Your structure does the same. In light of this discovery, then, the bottom line is that the quality of life that you choose to experience is just that -a choice.

Join me next week when I will get more into the specifics of what types of foods you can add to your diet to build, heal, and preserve your joints.

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