Saturday, April 16, 2011

Instant Method For Knee Pain Relief

Newport Beach Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain can be one of the most painful and humbling experiences that any runner can have. I remember the first time I experienced excruciating knee pain was right when I started learning and had just bought a new pair of custom fitted (and expensive) orthopedically correcting shoes. After that day (the first time I ran in them), I put the shoes on the shelf for about 3 years before I tried running again.

The knee pain had me completely convinced that I was not a runner and should, under no circumstances, attempt running again…but, see, I had convinced myself. 3 years later, I took up triathlon and had an incentive to learn how to run pain free. I am here to tell you the secret that I, along with many, many runners have discovered, that allows us to run pain free- even from chronic knee pain.

So, the number one problem that I found with my own running, and with the running of my running clients, is…running form. Believe it or not, there is a proper way to run efficiently, and painlessly and it has everything to do with your posture, how you are landing on your foot, whether you reach with your feet, etc. 

Consider that the shoes on your feet may, in fact, be part of the problem and a barrier to your quest to run pain free. Feet that are covered up and protected in a cushion deprive a runner of the immediate feedback (read pain) that would cause them to change to a soft mid/forefoot landing, a shorter stride, and less push off.

Now, what I have found to be successful for myself and my clients is to take the shoes off. I am not suggesting that you do all of your running without shoes, merely a small portion of it to train your body quickly. I am talking about short distances with bare feet, like half of a block to start. Try this:

Take your shoes and socks off and keep them in your hands. Run at normal speed down the block barefoot and notice how much more lightly you are stepping. Pay attention to your cadence (should be about 180 spm). When you get half way down the block, put your shoes and socks back on and run the remainder of the way around the block keeping aware to maintain your barefoot running form.

You should now be landing on the outer mid/forefoot and rolling across to the big toe which is the last to leave the ground. Heal rises directly toward the buttock and gravity takes over to swing your knee forward. You should be landing with your foot directly below your hip.

Try this drill out and let me know how it works for you. Call directly for a customized treatment plan. (949) 375-7278


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