Monday, September 14, 2009

Julie and Julia

A week ago friday I was lucky enough to be able to catch a movie alone with my wife. We had just dropped off my son and daughter in Glendale (with their aunties) and decided to go to the Americana (its fab alright) to catch a bite and a movie so we would miss the traffic. Luckily enough, we were both on the same wavelength (rare when it comes to movies..) and decided to see Julie and Julia, a movie about the life of famous chef Julia Childs going through the self discovery of learning the art of french cooking while living in Paris..

What struck both of us about this movie was the enthusiasm and joy of living that this woman expressed. She really epitomized the passion that those of us feel when we are "living the dream" so to speak. And THAT got both of us thinking. How could WE harness her inspirational enthusiasm in our own lives? How could we live the dream more than we already are? And this is a question so fundamental that I am posing it directly to you, fair readers..

For those of you who are already living your dream and creating your future, destiny, legacy, joy, enthusiasm, etc., How could you be doing that more effectively? How could you be actively growing your passion while smack in the middle of it? And for those of you who are longing to live your dreams but have not made the commitment to yourself yet. I highly encourage you to see this movie for an example of someone who is literally ON FIRE with her passion. Obstacles are trivial in this scenario. They are there to be surmounted, to learn and grow from, but never to dampen our enthusiasm. Rather their presence only makes us more deeply resolved than ever to continue unleashing our dreams on the world..

So, you may ask, how is this related to my health and wellness? And my answer is to note that despite a lifetime of cooking rich, gourmet, french meals, slathered in butter and cream (things that we try to avoid these days...another topic for later..but I digress..) Julia Childs lived into her nineties! Happiness is clearly a powerful force affecting our overall health and we would do well to work on that part first. I, say, follow your passion, follow your dream, until you live your dream. Never stop spreading the abundance of your dream and you shall live a long, healthy, prosperous life.

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