Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weatherize Your Body

Last Monday (Labor Day) I spent a beautiful day at the beach with my family. Paolo ran from the waves, Allie played in the sand, and Mom and Dad took turns taking them to the tide pools, on walks and to the nearby natural sea "bathtub". The day was warm and there was a nice cool breeze at the beach as usual. That is until around 5:30 pm when I noticed the slight chill in the air that signals the end of the hot summer weather and the onset of the seasonal change from summer to autumn.

That little chill also reminded me that it is time to start carrying around a sweater again, to close the windows at night, to make sure that I don't stress my body too much and that I get the proper nutrition as well. Because the seasons are changing AND this is the time to (if you haven't already begun) weatherize your body for winter. See, this is critical, because, more people tend to get sick when the weather is in transition than when the weather is simply cold. The transitional weather (hot/cold/hot/cold/etc..) stresses our immune system allowing the pathogens a clear pathway into our bodies.

So, my advice to you, unless you are looking forward to sick days as a means to watch TV instead of going to work, is to make the transition in your mind. Realize and plan for this transitional weather, suprise cold, rain, wind, etc. and start transitioning your diet to heartier foods as well. This will keep you well and able to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of autumn more fully.

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