Saturday, September 19, 2009

Performance Enhancing Technology

You want to run faster, jump higher, find greater agility and you are already training hard. You've done it all, expert trainers, proper nutrition, the best equipment, what more can you do. A lot. You've tried all of the conventional, well known, methods. Now its time to get "unconventional". Form equals function right? Well, since that is the case, lets get started on changing the form. Essentially, by aligning the body segments in relation to one another, releasing the muscular adhesions that make us less efficient, and getting the segments to work together as a unit rather than as a collection of discrete collection of parts (other wise known as integrating the function of the parts of the body), one becomes more efficient, more flexible, less prone to injury, able to heal more quickly, and best of all, faster.

Think about it. If you had an old Italian sports car, it was fun to drive, noisy, spunky and all but when tuned, the car runs more smoothly with less drama. That about captures the essence of it. Change the pliability, resilience, and improve the efficiency of an integrated living system and you have yourself a brand new superperforming body.

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