Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time Is Running Out

Time Is Running Out! Get Your Answers In To Win $100 Before Tomorrows 5pm Deadline!

The response has been fabulous but believe it or not there is still one prize to be claimed. Those of you who haven't gotten around to deciphering the mystery location are leaving prize money on the table...SO, here is the link again. My goal is to give away ALL of the prize money so I don't have to find a place in my already cluttered attic to store it =)

As my friend Sukie Baxter says, find the whys behind the whats. Earlier this week, I asked you to explore about what deep seated feelings are holding you back as the possible underlayment of your physical manifestation of pain or weight issues. These are feelings that are rooted in a lifetime of behavoir patterns and the inevitable reinforcement cycle that follows the behavoir.

Whether the feelings are rooted in patterns from childhood, trauma, or later in life, they will cause us to literally sabatoge our own success until they are acknowledged, addressed, and put behind us. This brings up the point that emotional patterns have a very tangible link to the condition of the physical body and are often best accessed through the physical body.

What this means is that, in some way, these feelings are actually stored in the tissues of your body and can therefore have the potential to be accessed and released by releasing the patterns of movement and strain in the physical body. This is not an immediate, cathartic type of release, rather what I am suggesting is that a gradual, sustained, momentum of change is the fastest and most effective way to undertake this type of transformation.

That said, I have a couple of spots opening up in my schedule in the next week. If this resonates with you, apply for a complimentary strategy session that is designed to move you toward identifying and resolving the blocks that are holding you back.

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